Welcome to Children's Developmental Center P.A.

Dear friends and colleagues:

For the last 29 years Children’s Developmental Center P.A. has been serving the children and families in greater Orlando and neighboring areas. We have seen our office grow and flourish, however, we are now facing a new and bittersweet situation. We are forced to close our doors on September 20th, 2020. We have struggled to keep afloat but due to the changing climate financially, we find it untenable to keep Children’s Developmental Center open. COVID 19 has taken a severe toll on us as members of society, professionals, and businesses alike.

All, however, is not lost, i.e. I will continue seeing patients as part of the Pediatric Neurology P.A. family as of September 21st, 2020. This is the office of Dr. Ronald Davis Pediatric Neurologist located at 1245 W. Fairbanks Avenue, Suite 305, Winter Park, Florida 32789. Their phone number is (407) 293-1122. In this way we are able to provide continuity of care.

I appreciate all that our community has done throughout 29 years in providing support for the ups and downs in our patients lives. Again, my thanks, and bless us all during this difficult but not insurmountable time throughout which we find ourselves “modifying, adapting, improvising, and overcoming.” You may contact our office through our fax: 407-644-6101.

Frank A. Lopez, M.D.

What is Developmental Pediatrics?

Developmental Pediatrics is a medical specialty focusing on assessment and treatment of children with developmental delays, developmental disabilities or chronic conditions affecting physical or emotional development, learning or behavior.


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